Traveling Artists

Atelier without Borders programs rest on Artists Empowerment, Youth Leadership and Entrepreneurship in Arts and Crafts, and Cultural Exchanges.

“Traveling Artist” aims, through its dynamics, to encourage and promote the artistic and cultural exchange between artists of various nationalities, thus enabling the dissemination of their influences and roots through their expressions and cultural baggage. The project solidified partnerships in Miami where it is based, Brazil and Haiti and has a team that counts on sociologists, art therapists, and art curators. Thanks to the help of established Brazilian artists, our project is able to offer free exhibiting walls to emerging artists in international art fairs.

Red Dot Miami 2018 – Featuring Cecilia Thibes, Fernanda Dabus, Karen Venturelli, Edu Danesi, Carolina Milano, Leila Land, Laura Falzoni, Fabi Cunha, Monica Mendes, Karla Calassa

Spectrum Miami 2018 Featuring Killy (Patrick Ganthier), Haiti, Valentino, Minas Gerais, Brazil, Marco Cavalcanti and Nata Familia Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


ARTEXPO NY 2019 – Featuring artists Brunella Costa, Cecilia Thibes, Clara Piquet, Fabi Cunha, Fernanda Dabus, Jael Klein Coaracy, Karen Venturelli, Monica Mendes and Olivier Lutaud



RED DOT MIAMI 2019 – Featuring Cecilia Thibes, Fernanda Dabus, Daniela Bercovitch, Monica Mendes, Roberta Barros, Karla Calassa, Karine Kischinhevsky, Cecilia Rodrigues, Jimena Gutierrez Bisbal, Nathalia D. Nachtingall, Sebastian Heynig, Olivier Lutaud

Spectrum Miami 2019 – Featuring Carl Mathis, USA