Our Work

1. Traveling Artists – This segment aims to encourage and promote the artistic and cultural exchange between artists of various nationalities, thus enabling the dissemination of their influences and roots through their expressions and cultural baggage. The project has already solidified partnerships in Brazil, Japan and Haiti and has a team that counts on sociologists, art therapists, and galleries.

2. Educational Resources and Workshops Once the space and opportunity is created within each targeted community, it is important to perpetuate and solidify sustainability. With that in mind, Atelier Without Borders believes that education and ongoing support are significant resources. Beneficiaries have access to online workshops, arts and crafts courses, art therapy, course instructions for artists and teachers alike.

3. Coloring Lives aims to bring art and culture to diverse spaces within underserved communities, seeking not only the embellishment of these places but also the empowerment of young people who live there. The artwork of children and adolescent is reinterpreted by established artists. All parties involved in the project can follow the destination of the works whether they are sold online in our virtual gallery or donated and all the money is used to the benefit of the community.

4.  Adopt an Atelier – Established artists adopt an Atelier in underserved communities , either virtually or physically through periodical monetary contributions, art material donations, workshops or art teaching. A campaign called “Adopt an Atelier” has been launched internationally through our website and the social media.


Projects and Artistic Experiences created and funded by Atelier Without Borders 

Miami, Rio de Janeiro, Bel Horizonte and Port-au-Prince, Haiti