Coloring Lives at the Morro do Papagaio, Belo Horizonte, Brazil
January 2018


Morro do Papagaio is one of the largest agglomerations in Belo Horizonte. Since 2009, Morro do Papagaiois undergoing a process of painting of the houses, a project called Favela Bela. Currently, some areas of the community are being modified by the Vila Viva program of Belo Horizonte City Hall. This event happened thanks to the initiative of artist Monica Mendes who helped coordinating the activities together with community leader Valentino. The children’s artwork has already been distributed to established artists whose artistic reinterpretation will be sold or returned to Papagaio to embellished the households.

Artist Monica Mendes

“My visit to Morro do Papagaio was an amazing and very fun experience. Getting to Know the artist so dear to everyone Fabiano Valentino, also known as Pelé was very rewarding. Pelé has a purpose to educate and raise awareness of this community. Doing the Coloring Lives with them was very rewarding because the children gave themselves up completely to the artistic activity, demonstrating that they had somehow a familiarity with art.”


Artist and community of leader of Papagaio, Fabiano Valentino, best know as Pelé